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SGA kink!fic (kinda) for rosewildeirish

Title: Blindfold
Author: ms_smooth
Category: Porn? Kink? Slash.
Pairing: RnR, because it's the bestest ever (until the next bestest comes along.)
Rating: Mature/Adult
Warning: Kink!fic. Actually, it's rather light on the kinky and the sex and more heavy on the fluff.
Words: 2016
Disclaimer: I neither own nor make profit from the characters, show premise, etc, or from the writing of fanfiction.
Notes: For rosewildeirish: Radek kink!fic because she wanted it. And I'm easy. Also, note to self: kink!fic is not everyone's talent.

Summary: Radek kink!fic During a minor power outage, Rodney comes across surprising evidence that Radek has a kinky side

"Will you please stand still?" Radek asked.

Rodney stopped pacing and stared instead into the darkness. Radek was... somewhere in that corner. "Will you please hurry up and get the lights back on?"

"You would be more help over here holding the flashlight than pacing and giving orders," Radek said sharply.

Rodney mouthed a few choice words in his direction and then paced back in the direction of the table, only to walk into it. He ran his hands over the surface, that should have held his laptop and a flashlight, if he remembered correctly, and found nothing. With a frown, he turned and paced back in the other direction, only to collide with an object that was far from immovable.

"Rodney," Radek said, stepping back and placing his hands on Rodney's shoulders to push him backwards. "Where is the- ah. Never mind." The flashlight clicked on and suddenly Rodney could see Radek, close and too clear. The Czech's eyes were dilated. Rodney wondered at the erection he'd felt against his thigh when Radek had been pressed against him, but he didn't get a chance to look for further evidence; Radek spun and returned to the panel he'd been working on.

Huh. A moment later the lights came back on and Rodney blinked and forced himself to concentrate on the task at hand and not to worry about how his lover was managing to walk around without any obvious signs of discomfort. Radek closed the panel and turned around, but now there was a work bench between them and Rodney really wasn't going to humiliate himself by asking what, exactly, had aroused Radek's interest while the lights were out.

"Alright, Dr. McKay, it's your turn!" one of the Marines approached their little group of scientists, where Rodney had been hiding in hopes of avoiding participation. Rodney accepted the blindfold with a show of resistance, but it would have been cruel to spoil their fun. Once he couldn't see, he accepted the stick they shoved into his hands and then hands on his shoulders spun him around several times.

They let him go abruptly and friendly voices called out from around him, directing him toward the pinata that was his target. After a few flailing attempts at killing the air, he finally made contact with the pinata; he heard it swing away before coming back to tap against the stick, seemingly none the worse for wear.

Rodney lowered the stick and took of the blindfold. Not a dent. "Nice try, McKay!" Sheppard called from the sidelines.

"Who's next?" someone called, and Rodney realized he was supposed to choose. He looked around at the faces of his colleagues, some of who were friends, and stopped at the slightly smug look on the face of Radek Zelenka. He was hiding behind two of the engineers, obviously attempting the same plan Rodney had had. Rodney grinned. There was no need to be the only one suffering, was there? "Dr. Zelenka. Your turn." He waved the blindfold and tried not to look too smug about.

The engineers parted and the smug look disappeared, replaced by a momentary panic and then a forced smile. "Actually, I have-"

"Your work can spare you for a swing or two." Rodney held out the stick and then gestured Radek towards the pinata. "Here." He stepped beside Radek and reached for his glasses, which earned him a glare, then he moved around behind Radek to tie the blindfold on, and felt his lover go still.

"Spin me round," Radek said, voice at normal levels, for the benefit of the crowd. Rodney settled his hands on Radek's shoulders and felt a small shudder vibrate through them. He squeezed lightly, earning another shudder, before he did as directed and spun Radek in circles.

Rodney stopped Radek and made sure he was facing the right direction, then he turned tail and escaped through the crowd that was focused on the pinata.

"Rodney?" Radek said questioning. Rodney looked up, realizing that it wasn't the first time his name had been spoken.

Rodney had been trying to finish up his work on the data for the power relays that connected to the transporters. From the frown Radek was giving him, Rodney had been a lot more focused than he thought. "What? Is something wrong?"

Now that he had Rodney's attention, Radek's frown should have eased, but it didn't. He sat down across from Rodney with a cautious air and regarded him for a long moment, just enough to make Rodney uncomfortable.

"What? Why the long face? Are the Marines mad at you for breaking the pinata? Should I expect an invasion of the Radek-snatchers?" He paused and wiped at the corner of his mouth, wondering if he might have gotten a little enthusiastic with the peanut butter protein bar.

"Earlier-" Radek paused, which confused Rodney even more, until he took in the uncertain way Radek was looking at him and the scrap of cloth in his hand.

"You even have your own blindfold?" Rodney asked. It wasn't quite a shock to believe; the little piece of material would have fit in with the rest of his clothes, and he had known when they left the Milky Way what kind of supplies they'd find in the Pegasus Galaxy. it made Rodney wish he'd thought to bring some of his own stuff.

Radek was still looking at him, obviously waiting for Rodney to get up to speed, which was kind of irritating. Rodney wouldn't have been behind at all if his lover had ever bothered to share with him. Then he thought that part of Radek's current, mysterious anxiety might have been part of the reason Rodney was only just now figuring this out.

"Okay, so we haven't talked about kinks and I haven't exactly asked you about your stance on, um, mine." He really wasn't going to go into detail, not if Radek thought blindfolds were kinky enough to hide, for Atlantis's sake. "But I'm not an idiot and I know there's more to life than two positions and the handy application of lube. Give me a little more credit than that."

Radek gave him an impatient look back. "Because we are having sex does not mean we do this. This is something I want with you."

"I have no idea what that means, but fine. You, me, blindfold, sex. Nothing better." Except Radek looked disappointed and Rodney realized he'd gotten something wrong. Two of them, sex, that all worked, they'd proved that on several occasions. He was missing something with the blindfold, which wasn't surprising, since he'd never used one.

He thought of his hands on Radek's shoulders, of the shudder his touch had elicited. He thought of Radek's erection when they were in the dark, how he could hear Radek but couldn't pinpoint his exact location, how Radek had appeared suddenly in the dark... and he felt his mind shifting in what he thought might be the right direction.

Rodney stood up and walked around the work table. Radek turned a little to follow his movements, but he didn't rise to meet Rodney and he didn't face him fully. Rodney put a hand on Radek's shoulder and turned him to face the far wall, then he took the blindfold from Radek's hand. Radek's fingers clenched around air before reaching up and removing his glasses.

Rodney didn't tie the blindfold tight, just enough to hold it in place. Then he pressed up against Radek's back and covered Radek's hand with his own, gently slipping the glasses free from his grip and settling them safely on the table. Then Rodney stepped back.

Radek made a sound of protest and leaned back, as if trying to follow Rodney's heat. Rodney put a hand on Radek's shoulder to still him and felt the same shudder as earlier, but this time more pronounced, as Radek wasn't trying to hide it from several dozen prying eyes.

"Stand up," Rodney commanded, removing his hand as well. Radek got to his feet quickly and turned in Rodney's direction. Rodney nodded, pleased, then reached for Radek's hand. Rodney led Radek to the door and then made him wait while Rodney checked the hall. It was clear for the moment. A lot of people were at the pier, joining in the Atlantis Summer Games.

"Where are we going?" Radek asked. His fingers curled around Rodney's easily and he followed behind, unerringly avoiding running into walls that Rodney forgot a couple of times were there.

Their rooms were the same size, with the same layout, but Rodney had noticed that Radek's bed tended to be less of a catch-all. Plus, it was closer and Rodney didn't know how long it would be before someone came looking for them to join in the party. All told, the walk took maybe two minutes, which gave Rodney time to come up with a plan of action.

He led Radek into the middle of the room and let go of his hand, then stepped back and did nothing. Radek's fingers twitched, then he held still. "Rodney?"

"I'm right here," Rodney said, then promptly walked a curve to the right, putting him behind Radek and a little closer. He put his left hand on the small of Radek's back and felt his lover jump in surprise. There was a little hiss of breath before Radek relaxed again. Rodney stepped closer still, slid his hand around to Radek's hip, and didn't stop until they were pressed together.

Radek tilted his head forward and to the left, an invitation Rodney was familiar with. He'd left marks before on the side of Radek's neck, normally on accident. He'd never spent that much time or attention on the back, though, where Radek's hair hid the base of his skull and covered the fine hairs at his nape. So Rodney pressed his lips there. Radek drew in a sharp breath and leaned back.

Rodney brought his arms fully around him and rested his hands on Radek's stomach as he nuzzled his hairline. Another shudder, this one accompanied by a throaty moan, and Rodney knew Radek was already close, whether it was the idea or actuality of the blindfold, or the fact they hadn't had a chance do to anymore than taunt each other with what they'd do if they ever found the time.

Foregoing finesse in favor of expedience and gratification, Rodney moved his hands lower, one aiming for Radek's belt, the other covering his cock through his pants. His hips bucked, shoving him harder against Rodney's hand in several quick, successive thrusts that ended in a gasp and sudden burst of heat. Radek sagged back against Rodney's chest with an exhale.

Silence settled over them for a second before Rodney said in a thin voice, "That's it?"

Radek nodded silently and breathed heavily for several seconds before marshaling control of his lungs and offering a vocal response. "If is too fast, blame yourself."

"For what! We've been doing this for a while and this is the first time you've come in your pants. How is it my fault?" Rodney wished his voice hadn't risen to quite that pitch, but he was still hard and Radek had an unfortunate knack for falling asleep shortly after climax.

Radek wiggled out of Rodney's embrace and took the blindfold off. "It is your fault, because this is the first time I've come in pants. So we are even, yes?" He stepped back up to Rodney and looked at him through his lashes, making Rodney forget most of his defensiveness.

"Even?" Rodney asked, settling on parroting the word back questioningly instead of trying to form a complete sentence on his own.

The smile Radek gave him was bordering on sentimental, which Rodney would have complained about if Radek hadn't undone his pants and reached inside for Rodney's cock. "We are even, but you will owe me for this one."

"Owe you!" Rodney tried to sound outraged, but his voice rose in direct correlation to the tightness of Radek's grip.

Radek's smile turned sly. "Payment negotiable."

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  • Fic: Unwrapped for zortified

    Title: Unwrapped Author: Ms. Smooth Pairing: Carson/Radek/Rodney Rating: Teen Lite (nudity) Spoilers/Warnings: None Notes: Written for…

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